New kind of Full HD-PVR

Capturing HDMI video is now as simple as taking a picture or making a movie with your phone!
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ProScaler Included

Upconvert or downconvert any HDMI signal to whatever resolution you need/want!
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Embedded Overlay

Enable overlaying your web content on existing HDMI video feeds, such as those from a BR/PS3 or cable box
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UltraSmart TV

Unify rich web content with wired or wireless video streams to boost your TV experience to the next level
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Multi-Boot, Multi-OS

Either Android, Ubuntu or another? Look no further WiZARM boots them both and offer space for a 3rd
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Play on WiZARM using your favorite controller: PS3, X360, Wiimote, KB/mouse or your Droid phone!
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Media Center

XBMC with custom PVR add-on is preloaded. Any others Droid or Linux apps can be added anytime
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With SATA3, USB3, Ethernet, Dual WIFI, BT, IR, 2GHz CPU, 2GB DDR3, 16GB On board memory
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Wizarm Pictures

Wizarm is built exclusively with Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korea parts carefully selected for their high quality and reliability, It is super easy to open and access either the Motherboard or the SATA3 SSD 2.5″ HDD enclosure. It is clean, compact and rock solid!

Wizarm Galleries

The Wizarm Box

External Views of the Wizarm box.
Built strong to last …
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A Closer Look

Featuring a PC like connectivity and performance, the …
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In Situ

A classy touch that fit nicely either in residential or …
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WIZARM Weapon of Mass Entertainment
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