Wizarm evaluating Tegra K1

For everyone waiting: Unfortunately, we have to delay the Wizarm release due to some remaining issues with the current Exynos5250 SoC Sorry for that but we want to make it fully smooth and lag-free before starting to actively promote it. We expected to launch in April this year but due…

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HDMI recording in action! [S01E02]

WiZARM provides a bleeding marvelous HDMI-input design that feeds the Camera input of the Exynos5 SoC. Never before handling of digital video stream has been that easy! Retrieve your incoming video stream from any of the camera software available for android phone or tablet. Here is a quick video to…

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Dear Internet Magicians,

We just started an indiegogo campaign that will run till the 26 November 2013.
This means that we will soon provide you with real testing videos on the next gen gaming platform (X1 and PS4), basically right after they release in November.

If you are interested in Wizarm, please see our indiegogo page here.
We are going to offer 5 Free Wizarm during this campaign to the top5 referrers (visit the above link for more details).

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