HDMI recording in action! [S01E02]

WiZARM provides a bleeding marvelous HDMI-input design that feeds the Camera input of the Exynos5 SoC. Never before handling of digital video stream has been that easy! Retrieve your incoming video stream from any of the camera software available for android phone or tablet.

Here is a quick video to show you the magical HDMI input that we developed for Wizarm.
We apologize for the flicker on screen, that is a consequence of filming a tv/monitor without the right sync angle.

More videos will follow shortly covering responsiveness, picture quality and more.

The above video presents the following Wizarm aspects:

- Taking a screenshot from a HDMI input at 1080p60
- Recording a movie clip from a HDMI input at 1080p60
- Launching XBMC on the Wizarm (check out how fast XBMC starts!)
+ a few others.

Our indiegogo campaign page: http://igg.me/at/wizarm/