Find out what WiZARM have to offer

WiZARM unleashes an all new digital magic that will allow you to handle your video stream in the same way and with the same ease that you can feel when taking a picture or capturing a movie clip from your phone!

Thanks to our magical HDMI input&passthrough technology, any incoming Digital video streams can now be empowered to include extra contents such as from the web, facebook, tweets, email, sms, incoming call, or anything else…

But there is more than that, the incoming HDMI or DVI-D video stream can also be scaled up or down thus allowing you to convert any incoming resolution into any outgoing resolution of your choice while still keeping the ability to customize that stream with external contents overlaid on it.

Digital home entertainment never came in such a sleek package featuring a PC like connectivity and performance. Introduce the all new WiZARM, one of the world’s greatest embedded entertainment companion designed for your digital life style!


Featuring the almighty Exynos5 Dual SoC (as found on Nexus10) and a Mali T604 Quad Core GPU, WiZARM is a 1440p capable device that offer all the latest standards and a selection of carefully selected parts such as Sata3, USB3, Dualband Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet, BT4.0, IR, 2GB RAM, 16GB on board eMMC4.5, SDHC/SDXC, Display Port, HDMI output/input, Analog and optical sound input/output and more…

Primary Key Features

number-1HDMI so friendly!

WiZARM provides a bleeding marvelous HDMI-input design that feeds the Camera input of the Exynos5 SoC. Never before handling of digital video stream has been that easy! Retrieve your incoming video stream from any of the camera software available for android phone or tablet.

number-2Up&Down Scaling

An amazing pro scaler is included thus allowing a whole new type of digital control, whatever digital input is throw in, end users now have the ability to determine the output resolution of their choice, while still having the capability to determine a similar or different recording resolution. It’s flexible and versatile!

number-3Overlay Content

Looking to add some fun or informative content to your digital stream, WiZARM is giving you that possibility, freely choose the on screen location to add graphics, web elements, picture in picture and more. Create a truly unique and customized digital stream for you, your friends or your internet audience.

number-4PC like connectivity

WiZARM have the hardware design to fully take advantage of its inner magic, with SATA3 (for SSD HDD 2″5), 6 USB ports (2x USB3.0), SDHC/SDXC, Display port output, HDMI input/output, Microphone and earphone connectors, Gigabit Ethernet, Dual Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, IR, FM and more…

Secondary Core Features

number-1Vivid Graphics

From SD to Full HD and up to 1440p, WiZARM provides the graphical processing power to surpass the today’s standards, enjoy Android 2D or 3D gaming through the brand new Mali T604 Quad Core GPU. Grab your favorite games and apps from Google Store or Ubuntu market and start playing them on the big screen.

number-2Media Center

With all its digital stream handling features such as Recording, Scaling, Overlay and its connectivity, it is just natural that WiZARM becomes a great partner for your mediacenter needs. With XBMC and others apps preloaded, you are ready to run the show!

number-3User Input

Wired or Wireless, KB/mouse or joypad, WiZARM provides the connectivity option for any type of controller and user input interface such as KB/mouse, PS3/X360/Wii controller, or even your Droid phone.. Yes, you can fully control WiZARM using an Android phone!


WiZARM brings Miracast, WiFI display and WiFi direct to a whole new level, featuring User Input Back Channel, you can now stream your Droid device video straight to the big screen while controlling your phone through the WiZARM input or vice versa!

Magic Tips

“Did you know that you can connect the WiZARM box straight to your PC by USB and get KB/mouse control as well as screen displayed on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer?”

WizarmWeapon of Mass Entertainment

Other Features

  • Turn your TV into an UltraSmart HDTV with Miracast support.
  • Multi-Boot Android/Ubuntu or any other OS.
  • Media Center controlled by your phone, joypad, or KB/mouse combo.
  • Stream, record or customize your gameplay or home video experience.
  • Input any HDMI resolution and output it in any resolution you need!
  • Full HD PVR capability 1080p60 and above!