Wizarm evaluating Tegra K1

For everyone waiting: Unfortunately, we have to delay the Wizarm release due to some remaining issues with the current Exynos5250 SoC
Sorry for that but we want to make it fully smooth and lag-free before starting to actively promote it. We expected to launch in April this year but due to technical reasons beyond our control we won’t be able to match this release date.

In the meantime we refunded all early backers who booked their units on indiegogo, we also started to refund all credit cards orders (if you haven’t received the refund please contact us)
Of course early backers will keep their option to purchase the Wizarm at 259usd for life. We will send to each of them an individual email once we are ready to ship.

Samsung agent promised a lot and delivered nothing useful yet.
Right before we started the Wizarm project, Samsung recommended their (at the time) flagship SoC namely: Exynos5250 that is also available on the early Nexus10 with the promise that it can handle 1080p60 flawless-fully. The problem is that their DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is a blackbox and undocumented, they promised to supply some code in order to complete our task. Instead of keeping their promise to let our guys look into the code, they only supplied some binaries that can work nicely up to 1080p50 for overlay, pass-through and capture, but would drop some frames at 1080p60.
For this reason we decided to evaluate our project on the currently most powerful SoC out there: Tegra K1 (aka Tegra5)

The Tegra K1 is also capable of interfacing in USB3, SATA3, DDR3, Gigabyte Ethernet, Dual Wifi and all the goodies we had from Exynos5250
But especially it have that Kepler GPU featuring 192 NVIDIA CUDA cores, CPU-wise it provides Quad Core at 2.3 Ghz and support up to 4K (Ultra HD, 4096×2160)

This also open the path for a Wizarm 4K, needless to say, the team is currently busy ;)

We will provide you with more information as we go.
Retail price will remain the same and we expect to fully complete the challenge this year.

PS: We will update the website shortly to reflect the new hardware specs.